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Planned Maintenance & Cyclical Repairs

Chigwell Construction takes a professional approach to Planned Maintenance and this department plays to it’s key strengths; high standards, excellent planning and managing budgets.

Our projects are carried out periodically and commissioned within the public and private sectors to range from exterior painting, to a new boiler in a home or an air conditioning system in the workplace.

Skilled and reliable tradesmen that specialize in these fields will be selected according to the project and report to a dedicated Chigwell Construction project manager.

Continual investment

We are a business totally dedicated to providing quality maintenance and regeneration solutions to housing providers.
We have worked for a range of landlords and have extensive experience of operating within occupied properties.

We continue to grow as a company and we believe our success is based on investing in innovation and talent, truly understanding what matters most to our clients and always delivering work of the highest quality. Our direct workforce is focused on getting it “right first time”.

Our service portfolio includes:

  • Voids
  • Kitchen and bathroom refurbishments
  • Electrical works
  • Heating
  • Internal and external refurbishment
  • External works
  • Energy efficiency works, including external and internal wall insulation and solar PV

To ensure the highest standard of work, all of our operatives are given comprehensive and on-going training at our own training and vetting centres.

Our teams appreciate the needs of those affected by our work and ensure that residents and their homes are treated with care and respect. We are committed to ensuring we leave a lasting legacy within all of the communities in which we operate, and ensure we deliver tangible, Social Value.

Community matters

From the outset of a project, the Chigwell Construction management team works closely with all our clients, using our experience and expertise to manage each project efficiently.

Chigwell Construction have embraced the principles of the Social Value act and are always keen to get involved with community engagement, our site managers and resident liaison officers on projects.

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